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All About Our Agency

At Averill Anderson, LLC we believe that many of the traditional approaches to employee benefits can no longer achieve the needed results, and that through the restructuring of benefit plan design, all employers, both large and small, can achieve significant savings. Averill Anderson, LLC is a fully licensed TPA and independent insurance agency specializing in group health plans. The result is a powerful combination of specialties necessary to minimize health plan costs while maximizing profits.
Our clients' employees are also our customers. We've designed communication materials that help our employees understand and appreciate their plans.  Customer service specialists are available to offer information and assistance to employees. We process and pay out reimbursement claims promptly and accurately, so employees regard their plan as a genuine benefit.

What We Provide You With

Corporate Services

    Different clients have different insurance requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to listen and accommodate all of our clients.

Administration Services

   We take pride in helping you creating the best coverage plans for each and every client’s needs. We will help create Health and Dental Reimbursement Accounts that will help alleviate burdens placed on both employers and their employees.  We also administer Flexible Spending Accounts and can work in conjunction with these reimbursement accounts.

Produce Free Estimates

Call us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on Dental, vision, and Health care coverage.

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